"And just like that, the house sleeps."

That's what I thought to myself as I sang my daughter to sleep in her crib while hearing my husband's snoring in the other room.  Just 30 minutes before, I had a screaming toddler that was determined not to go to bed and a husband crying out in pain from a migraine.  Based on the sounds emanating from our home, you would have thought we lived in a torture chamber!  But within just 30 short minutes, the house had fallen silent.  "Thank you, Lord," I said sincerely.  I recognized the peace that had come over our house as a blessing that shouldn't be taken for granted.

But why do I write all of this to you?

Over the past few weeks, it seems like I have had a dozen conversations with people about the transparency in their lives, or lack thereof.  From a friend not wanting anyone to find out he has to get his food from a food bank to another friend finally breaking down and saying her "picture perfect" marriage is going through a rough patch, it got me to thinking about the airs we put on for others.

Why do we do that?

Are we so consumed as a society with what other people think about us that we can't be ourselves?  Certainly we are raising a generation that is being taught from a young age how to manipulate social media to make their lives seem "better" and "more interesting," but we are guilty of doing that as well.  We have fostered such shallow relationships with one another that we only put our "best foot forward" and never share anything real anymore.  And quite honestly, I'm just as guilty of this as anyone.  It's funny when people get to really know me because I often hear, "You're so different than what I first thought!"  Perhaps I've been trained too much in the "putting on airs" department too and right now I think it's about time to undo some of that training.

So here is the consequence of this line of thinking...  I'm tired of writing the blogs that I'm "supposed to" write.  It's boring and honestly makes me not want to write anything at all.  So from now on, I will be sharing real, transparent blogs about what my life is like living in the Western North Carolina mountains.  Some may relate to local events, some may be spiritual, some may be about my experiences as a new parent, some will definitely be about real estate, and some will be about whatever other random things I think could be useful to you, my audience.  I invite you to get to know me better and join me on this ride of living authentically!  It won't be easy, but it will be so worth it.