Every year I evaluate my life on two different occasions: my birthday and on New Year's Day.  I know many people don't believe in making New Year's resolutions since the success rate of actually following through with them is somewhere around 8%, but even if my wildest ambitions aren't actually attained, I feel accomplished just making some progress towards my end goals.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said: "If you can't fly, then run.  If you can't run, then walk.  If you can't walk, then crawl.  But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward."  I think one of the problems with making New Year's resolutions is that we envision ourselves being able to fly when we really need to learn to crawl first.  As a new mom, this really hits home for me.  I once heard someone say that babies should be our inspiration when trying something new.  When they are learning to walk, they fall down more times than we can count, but you never see even one of them give up.  They don't just sit down for good and decide walking must not be for them.  They get up every single time they fall down and they try again.  This is how we should approach our own aspirations.  Expect failure, but persevere anyways.

Even though your New Year's resolutions have failed in the past, I challenge you to make more anyways.  What are your dreams for 2017?  Do you wish to own your own home?  Go talk to a lender about what you can afford.  I have heard time and time again about how surprised people were at what they could afford when they talked to their lender.  Do you think your credit is too poor to obtain a loan?  You should still go talk to a lender about tangible things you can start doing right now to raise your credit score.  The actions you take now could set you up for a home loan next year.  Either way, doing something is always better than doing nothing.  So go ahead and think about what you want from 2017, and then commit to taking actionable steps to turn your dreams into your reality.